Jodi Bove Hot Glass


Farifari 1 -ruby interior $3800
Farifari 2 -ruby and copperblue interior $3800
Farifari 3 -ruby interior,round shape $3800
Farifari 4 -purple interior $3800

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Fairifari series: The technique used to create these unique designs is called Graal, but with a unique change in technique during the final steps in the hot process. The piece is first blown with the interior colors marbled, with an overlay of lapis blue glass. This is achieved by turning one bubble of blown glass inside out over another, to create a thin layer of color on the exterior of the piece. Once the piece is cool, the design is carved by hand by cutting a design in vinyl to cover the area of the design that will remain blue, and sandblasting the interior space of blue away, creating a surface design. Then the piece is brought back up in temperature, and traditionally gathered over to create a clear glass layer over the design. These pieces are not gathered over but fire polished to clear the design.
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Price: $3,800.00

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