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Jodi BoveAimed toward educating the public, Jodi Bove’s hot glass demonstration includes a detailed narration, including the history of glass art as well as an explanation of the techniques being executed. For themed events, script is adjusted accordingly. Questions are encouraged after each performance, and for school groups, this is especially appreciated.

The response from the audience is usually one of amazement, many often seeing more than one performance.


  • Texas Renaissance Festival- October-November, Plantersville, Texas
  • Universal Studios Florida- December’s Christmas Village Yearly, Orlando, Florida
  • Camp Stone- Summer Educational program, Sugar Grove, Pennsylvania

For performance schedule and availability call or email:

Phone : 917-686-1171
Email : [email protected]

Camp Stone

Camp StoneHello Camp Stone!

I have been a Glass Artist for many years and am thrilled to be teaching the art at your beautiful camp this summer. The campers are so inspired that I am moved emotionally, and spiritually, in the pure expression of these young artists.

Experience Man vs. Medium

Experience Man vs. MediumIn trying to find my niche within the USF community, I would like to introduce a different kind of attraction.

“Experience.” is an actual glass experience which the “player” is interacting with the artist to experience and create a piece of glass art. The artist and player will work closely to create a glass form. The experience can be video taped and photos taken, and will be done before an audience.

Come! Experience the medium yourself at Universal Studios Florida, located at the Christmas Village during December, including the Macy’s parade!

Also featuring the most unique Christmas and Holidays Ornaments ever created!! All glass art is available in the Jodi Bove Glass Gift Shop next to her studio in the Christmas Village.

Glassblowing Demonstrations

Glassblowing DemonstrationsJodi Bove began performing the art of glassblowing while still in college at Bittersweet Glassworks in Branford Connecticut in 1987. It was there that Jodi realized the potential opportunities to share the art, and bring awareness of its unique charm to other venues.

Jodi began performing at Renaissance Festivals in 1991 in Tuxedo N.Y., and then to Plantersville, Texas to the largest Renaissance Venue in the U.S. Jodi still performs at the Texas Renaissance Festival yearly during October and November.

Jodi brought the experience to venues nationally starting in 2004 when she built her portable glass studio in a stock trailer- with a few custom adjustments to create a stage and working area.


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