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Personal Statement:

As a child, I had this romantic notion that I wanted to be a starving artist when I grew up. Having achieved that goal, I have discovered that acquiring starvation in the arts was not due entirely to the lack of talent, but to fear of exposure to that lack of talent. From my perspective, this fear is the paralyzing factor of fashioning oneself an artist, starving or not. As an adult, I want to be a well-fed composer of fine concepts. I do not fear exposure to the lack of concepts- the truth of composition is in the finished piece. Talent is then a mere tool, among many, thus allowed to flourish without contempt or fear… Art is then realized only through the composition of concepts in which it was achieved.
– Jodi Bove


Southern Connecticut State University. New Haven, CT
Bachelor of Arts, 1990, concentration glass.

Penland, School of Crafts, Penland, NC
Concentrated study /Paul Marioni, 1989

State University of New York (S.U.N.Y.)New Paltz, NY1983-1985
Fine Arts

Studio Experience:

Camp Stone Glass Studio, since 2010
This studio was built by Jodi for an Orthodox Jewish Camp In Pennsylvania. It sports 3 18″ working furnaces, a 200lb day furnace, and 4’x2’x3′ annealer.

Queen Lula, Portable Glass Studio, since 2004
This studio was built by Jodi in 2003 and sports a 18″ working furnace, 100lb day furnace, 4’x2’x3′ annealer.

Sigma Glass Studio, St. Petersburg, FL since 1995

Bittersweet Glassworks, Branford, CT since 1987


  • Texas Renaissance Festival, Plantersville, TX since 1995
  • New York Renaissance Faire, Tuxedo N.Y. 1993-2006
  • Bay Area Renaissance Faire, Tampa, Florida 1993-1996, 2009
  • The Arts Center, St. Petersburg FL Jan-June 2004 December 2005
  • First Night, Straub Park, St. Petersburg, FL 2005-2007
  • Florida Renaissance Festival, Deerfield Beach, Florida 1993-1996, 2010
  • Universal Studios Orlando, Orlando, Florida Since 2010
  • Camp Stone, Pennsylvania Since 2011

Jodi went to school for the study of Fine Arts, and Sports Education. Glass art was the perfect medium between creativity and physical endurance. Although she works alone on the smaller pieces, Jodi depends on a team of three or more to create the large pieces.

Handblown glass is Jodi’s medium of choice, although she uses it as a canvas on which the final composition strongly emphasizes color, texture and imagery. Using techniques that vary from simple to very complex, she pairs that image with the fluidity and freedom inherent in the glass, creating a uniform whole, while maintaining the optical integrity of
the medium.

Jodi BoveJodi Bove has been performing nationally the Art of glassblowing since 1987 throughout the United States, aimed at Educating the public about this most illusive medium. Considered a Lost Art by historians, glassblowing has a place in modern society with the help of the most prestigious Glass Artists promoting the Art to center stage at Art Educational Centers, Museums, and Cultural Events.

Jodi BoveJodi BoveJodi Bove

Contact Information

Thank you for visiting my site, and I hope you enjoyed the artistry. If you would like to discuss any of the items you’ve seen here, purchase something or perhaps ask about having some custom work done, please give me a call.

I have a very busy travel and exhibition schedule for most of the year, but rest assured, I will return your call as quickly as possible.

Jodi Bove Hot Glass
email: [email protected]


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